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Why We Gather - Part 1/9

  1. It’s Who We Are

Ecclesia is the Greek word translated ‘church’ in our Bibles. Ecclesia comes from two words; ek (out of) and kaleo (to call). Here’s a helpful definition: a gathering of citizens called out from their homes to gather in some public place.

Gatherings gather.

Assemblies assemble.

A gathering can’t be a gathering without gathering.

An assembly can’t be an assembly without assembling.

Not every ecclesia was a gathering of Christians. The New Testament calls the gathering of Christians "the church [ecclesia] of God"; the gathering of God. When we trusted Christ as Saviour we became part of his church; his gathering of people, his called out assembly.

The New Testament gives us some rich pictures of Jesus’ church:

  • the body - a collection of different parts all brought together as a whole

  • a temple - each believer is a stone making up a beautiful building

  • a family/household - a loving community of people who gather to share and serve

Each of these pictures, and others, imply that the people of Christ gather together as a community.

In the New Testament a church is never a building or a place, but the actual gathering of people itself. This is why we often use language like ‘gathering as the church’ instead of ‘going to church’.

So the first reason we gather is because that is who we are; we are a gathering, an assembly, a called out people.


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